Beshine Tits

We got another great scene of Beshine tits ready for you guys. The sexy blonde loves spoiling you guys and she does it the best way she knows by flaunting her perfect tits in front of the camera. Mayra was helping one of her friends to find a new place to live when she took these. She got a call the other day and her friend was really freaking out because her lease was about to expire and she’ll become homeless. So Mayra being such a good friend offered to look around with her for another place.

She was wearing a tight yellow skirt and a blue blouse that day. After they looked all around town for a place, they finally found a cute apartment. The owner left them all by themselves while he was taking a call, so Mayra asked her friends to take some pictures. That blue tight blouse was really bothering her and her huge tits, so she pulled it up and took some pictures of her boobs too. They moved pretty fast because they didn’t have a lot of time. Still, we got some really hot pictures for you guys!

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