Outdoor Shooting

Hey there guys, Beshine here and we aim to become your number one source for when you want to get a look at some very busty ladies parading their gigantic jugs for your viewing pleasure. In this debuting gallery that we have for you we want to show you a super sexy blonde with her giant pair of boobs. Oh trust us, she knows that guys are crazy for her huge breasts and she said that she regularly uses that to her advantage to get what she wants from them. So let’s watch her parade in this superb scene today.

She herself requested to do an outdoor shoot since she wanted to take a walk as well, and she also said that the prospect of some bystanders looking at her gigantic breasts just turns her on. Well who are we to deny her her little pleasure stroll today while we were shooting her. So enjoy as this woman shows off her incredibly big boobs just for your viewing pleasure today guys. We bet that you’ll absolutely love it and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with more. We will bring you fresh stuff every week! Until then, join the http://mastasia.net site and watch other big titted ladies showing off their amazing boobs!


Watch here busty Mayra massaging her impressive knockers!


Busty Beshine Exposed

Our gorgeous blonde Beshine wanted to flash her huge juggs one more time in front of the camera. She was relaxing at the pool when she noticed her neighbor checking her out. He was kind of cute so why not, she started smiling at him and in no time things got a bit more interesting between them. She wanted him to get a good look at her assets so she took off her bra and showed off her huge knockers.

But when he was going to her gate his girlfriend called him and he had to go back and see what she wanted. Well that wasn’t too ok her so she pulled away from it. But we still have these amazing pictures for you guys so we still have something good out of it. You better check them out because they are pretty hot and it would be such a waste to leave them unseen. If you want more you must take a look at these busty ladies in some nasty scenes sucking and getting fucked. Well this was all for today but stay tuned for more. Enjoy it!

Beshine big tits at the pool

Check out busty Mayra showing off her knockers!


Beshine Nude

Hey there and welcome back to another Beshine nude episode. In this one, we have the gorgeous blonde showing off her enormous tits outdoors. She was enjoying a little vacation, but you know how she is, so she had to keep you posted. The gorgeous blonde went with some of her girlfriends to this amazing place next to the sea to unwind after a hard month of work. Everything was perfect there, quiet, not a lot of people and a lot of sun.

All she did all day long was lay next to the pool and stealing everyone’s focus with her huge knockers. Every guy there was drooling all over her, especially when Beshine took her off her bra and gave them a better look at her tits. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw them. Her friend took some pictures so you guys wouldn’t miss a thing for her hot vacation. She offered us some really good close ups and you guys will enjoy them for sure. Make sure you return for more updates because we got so many juicy episodes to share and you guys will love each and every one of them. Enjoy it!


Enjoy watching Mayra flashing her enormous tits!


Beshine Pictures

Mayra had a more sexy pics for you guys. This time she went for a walk but what’s better that taking some outdoor pictures of your huge boobs instead? She talked with one of her friends and they both decided to go for a walk around their houses. It was a private area so no one was going to bother them. The girls met and started their walk. Mayra was wearing this tight green top and a short pink skirt and of course had to bring her camera too. The girls walked and talked. It was such a beautiful day and besides, it was so much fun seeing her male neighbors staring at her huge tits. When they passed around this tiny forest, Mayra asked her friend to take some pictures of her. She took a lot of pictures of Mayra in every angle possible and then took a few of her topless too. Mayra had to bring you guys something good and she did a good job right? Just look her impressive boobs getting flashed in front of the lens! Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more steamy updates featuring your favorite blonde!


See busty Mayra showing off her impressive knockers!


Beshine Boobs

She never missed a chance to show them off. You know what we’re talking about, the famous Beshine boobs. Everyone wants to see them and you can understand why. They are huge! They are the biggest we ever saw and everyone agrees with us. The gorgeous blonde has some impressive knockers that turn a lot of heads wherever she goes and she loves every second of it. Being in the center of attention was always one of Mayra’s things and she loved the fact and every guy checked her out and her big tits.

In this one, Beshine was wearing a short pink skirt and her t-shirt. But you already know that t-shirts or tops and anything that covers her boobs doesn’t last too long on her. Mayra took some pictures fully dressed and then took off her t-shirt and flaunted her big tits one more time in front of the camera. The hot blonde has some really hot pictures in this shooting so you gotta check out the entire thing to see them. This was all for today but Mayra has a lot more prepared so stay tuned!

beshine boobs

Watch here sexy blonde Mayra exposing her juggs!


Mayra Naked

We got your favorite girl Beshine naked in this one. Well, she’s not completely naked, at least not in this preview, but she offered us a great look at her huge knockers, one more time. One of her friends asked her to go shopping with her. Mayra loves shopping so she went with her friend and spend an entire day walking from shop to shop, having the best time. She didn’t buy a lot of things but she had an amazing time trying them out.

No worries she didn’t forget about you guys and took some pictures. While she was changing and had the stall all for herself she took some pictures of her huge knockers in the mirror. She wanted to buy some blouses but she just couldn’t fit her tits in those tiny clothes. Walking around the mall she turned some heads but nothing more than that. The girls had an amazing time teasing all the guys they saw and below you can find a little preview from their scene just to give you an idea of what went down there. We just can’t get enough of Mayra’s boobs, but we aren’t the only ones right?


Check out Mayra bragging with her big tits!


Beshine Videos

Today is your lucky day because we have one of the hottest Beshine videos for you. The sexy blonde had to play a bit more with her huge knockers, but this time instead of pictures she recorded everything. Mayra was a business trip and one morning she decided to stay a bit more in bed. It was a beautiful day outside but she needed another minute to get out of bed. She took her camera that was on the night stand and took a few pictures to see how she looks. Mayra always looks great, let’s face it!

The sexy blonde started fooling around and by mistake, she pressed the record button. She didn’t notice that until she finished playing with her huge knockers, rubbing and massaging them. Mayra offered us an amazing update, one of the few of this kind, so you gotta take advantage of it. You can everything below and you should see it. This was all for today but make sure you return for more sexy shootings and to see one more Mayra’s huge knockers. Enjoy it!


Enjoy watching busty Mayra massaging her huge tits!


Topless Outdoor

Mayra is back with another steamy update from beshine com and you gotta see it. The sexy blonde brought us more pictures from her vacation, showing us more of her huge knockers. Mayra loves getting all that attention and in this vacation, she had all eyes on her. Once the guys saw her by the pool they knew she was going to give them another good look at those huge knockers. The sexy blonde isn’t shy at all, so took her bra off and enjoyed her day in the sun. It was a nice place next to the sea and there weren’t too many guests there. But all the male guests recognized her easily.

No one in the business has knockers like hers so she was the hotel star. Mayra was there with some of her friends and they had a great time while Mayra teased every guy there. With juggs like hers, there’s no surprise there. She sent you guys just a little preview but stay tuned because there are more vacations pictures coming. She has an entire gallery just for you guys, with some amazing close ups. See her below doing what she knows best, exposing her knockers!


See here sexy Mayra posing topless outdoor!


Beshine Tits

We got another great scene of Beshine tits ready for you guys. The sexy blonde loves spoiling you guys and she does it the best way she knows by flaunting her perfect tits in front of the camera. Mayra was helping one of her friends to find a new place to live when she took these. She got a call the other day and her friend was really freaking out because her lease was about to expire and she’ll become homeless. So Mayra being such a good friend offered to look around with her for another place.

She was wearing a tight yellow skirt and a blue blouse that day. After they looked all around town for a place, they finally found a cute apartment. The owner left them all by themselves while he was taking a call, so Mayra asked her friends to take some pictures. That blue tight blouse was really bothering her and her huge tits, so she pulled it up and took some pictures of her boobs too. They moved pretty fast because they didn’t have a lot of time. Still, we got some really hot pictures for you guys!

Watch here Mayra exposing her enormous tits!


Big Melons

As you can see Mayra loves taking walks outdoor and in this latest update from beshine.com, she’s showing off her huge knockers again. She made this great habit of taking a walk every day, with one of her friends that lived in the same neighborhood. After a busy day, this was one of the best ways to unwind. Fresh air, no cars, no noise, just the two of them talking and taking pictures the entire time. Mayra wore today a white blouse and a pink skirt.

It was a beautiful day so they didn’t hurry at all and took their time to inspect the area. But Beshine couldn’t wait to take some pictures and her friend knew that. While her friend was reaching for the camera she pulled up her blouse and gave you a peek at her big tits. We just can’t get enough of them and we are sure that you guys feel the same way about them. We could watch pictures of her tits all day long, so we are really pleased that she offers us so many pics and so often. See you guys next time with more!


Enjoy watching sexy Mayra showing off her tits in public!